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For anyone who missed, Carolina Panthers wide receiver Torrey Smith shared a video of someone in a gym failing a dunk about has hard as you can fail one. It’s truly one of those WAIT FOR THE END type of videos tailormade for Instagram feeds. Few things have such a brutal twist ending than this dunk attempt.

After you’re done recovering from watching the awful ending to the video — he’s fine, for those of you wondering — take note of what’s attached. Smith identifies (and also hardcore outs) the poor soul as Jalen Ramsey.

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This is where the internet did that thing it routinely does where it something flashy happens and no one stopped to actually assess anything. After all, Jalen Ramsey is a huge name to NFL fans and the idea of him almost breaking his neck on a dunk is #content.

Very few people stopped to actually to pay attention.

It’s a Jalen Ramsey — specifically Jalen A. Ramsey, an All-American High Jumper. It’s not, however, the Jalen Ramsey who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The latter’s Twitter handle is @jalenramsey, which if you actually look at the fine print is not the one Smith tags.

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For any tinfoil hat dunk truthers out there, the Jalen in the video confirmed it was him on his Twitter account.

Even with out the well-known soccer participant angle, that is nonetheless a extremely viral video that must be seen to be believed. The actual fact of the matter is a human being failed a dunk that onerous and walked away to inform the story.



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