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Of course, because this is Game of Thrones, that’s all we get for now. Not a word was exchanged before the fade to black. The ultimate tease. Is it too much to hope episode 2 picks up exactly where we left off? Probably. But we can dream.

What would happen when Bran and Jaime’s paths converged again was one of the major questions going into season 8. Will Jaime apologize? Will Bran hold a grudge? He’s super emotionless now, but it’s hard to tell whether that makes him more or less likely to be awful to the not-so-newly humane Jaime. Maybe Bran will just give him a head nod and say, s’all good. That fateful tower fall is what set him on his path to three-eyed-ravendom anyways.

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Brief as their interaction was, the cliffhanger was definitely one of the more socially awkward episode ends in the series’ run. Though, there’s a case to be made nothing will ever be more socially awkward than a child catching two grown adult siblings in flagrante and then the man pushing the child out a window. Still, that feels better categorized as “horrifying” than socially awkward.

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