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What better way to promote a collaboration with Stranger Things than to have a supernatural scavenger hunt?

That appears to be what Nike is doing, as the company is sending fans on a wild goose chase that is seemingly leading to a pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

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Nike released a strange video on Monday: Grainy surveillance footage of a Nike truck pulling into a parking lot — footage that purports to be from 1985. Contacting Nike’s customer service will provide you with a phone number that, when called, contains a weird message.

What Happens When You Call The Number?

You reach an automated message that gets cut into by an audio recording of two people talking about a missing Nike shipment. This shipment has been missing since 1985, but has been located and is on the move West.

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The man in the call tells the woman that she needs to meet him at very specific coordinates on Wednesday, June 12th.

He makes sure to emphasize that there’s something supernatural about the shipment.

Where Do The Coordinates Lead? 

It leads to a location just east of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which appears to be an empty midsized parking lot.

This seemingly confirms the speculation that that is all resulting in a Stranger IssuesNike popup store occasion on Wednesday.

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